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Secure your business today with a complimentary cyber security assessment funded by the Victorian Government and proudly supported by Microsoft, NAB, Victorian TAFEs, CITT, TITAB and ADTIA.

What's Involved

An unsafe website
means an unsafe business

Protect your business with our FREE cyber security reports. Our comprehensive analysis identifies vulnerabilities, safeguarding your data and reputation. Our program ensures minimal intrusion and maximum benefits, keeping your operations seamless and your cyber defences fortified.

Website Risk

Minimal Business Involvement

Industry Cyber
Mentor Support

Strengthen your cyber defences today

The cyber security report provides you with invaluable insights into your digital vulnerabilities, empowering you to make informed decisions to protect your business.

With a detailed breakdown of both strengths and weaknesses, you'll have the knowledge you need to prioritise remedial action going forward including threat priorities.

The Benefits

Reduce your risk of cyber attack

Identify Risks Quickly

Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise your business's digital integrity.

Prioritise Threat Severity

Understand the severity of each threat, enabling you to prioritise and allocate resources effectively for optimal protection.

Tailored Recommendations Provided

Receive personalised recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities and strenghten your security protocols.

Proactive Protection Roadmap

Access a clear roadmap for proactive measures, ensuring robust protection against emerging cyber threats.

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